20 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster - Sell Homes In Westminster

  Ask for help to see your home from a buyer's point of view.  Ask someone who can be objective and honest, or give honest advice on their impression of your new home.  A real estate agent is a good choice.

  • Stimulate buyers' imaginations by setting scenes throughout the house, such as a chess game in the corner of your family room.
  • Create a spacious feeling while showing your house by opening all doors fully.
  • Use folded quilts, bright colored pillows and fresh flowers to draw attention to the positive.
  • Disguise unsightly views.  Remove dark, heavy drapes and replace with light sheers.
  • Never block light, and never apologize for a bad view.
  • Eliminate bad odors.  Breathe fresh outside air, then go indoors and hunt down offensive odors.  Use Lysol, potpourri, carpet fresheners, deodorized cat litter, and cedar chips or blocks in your closets.
  • Keep front door area (inside and out) clean and uncluttered.  Buy a new doormat (avoid ones with cute sayings), clean brass door knockers, and place potted flowers on front porch.  Color is pleasing.
  • Avoid eccentricities such as beads in doorways, wild posters, dark walls, mirrored ceilings, sacred temples, etc.
  • Hold a garage sale before listing your home to make certain that all storage areas, closets, and the basement and garage are uncluttered and spacious.
  • Find the fine line between clutter and emptiness.
  • Make the interior of your home visible from the exterior-keep windows clean, screen doors open, lights on.
  • Keep pictures on the walls to a minimum, usually one large picture per wall is a good choice.
  • Make sure the entry level floor makes a good first impression.
  • Clean out the closets nearest the front entry way - make them appear spacious, with empty hangers.
  • Highlight the fireplace by adding color- put flowers on the mantle or the hearth, or have the fire going if the weather is cool enough.
  • Set the dining room table.  Make it homey and appropriate for the time of day.
  • De-personalize teen or children's rooms.  Make them as generic as possible.
  • Make sure all windows are crystal clean.
  • Create extra counter space by storing appliances, dishracks, dish soap etc.
  • Increase the wattage of light bulbs in the basement and laundry room.

  Remember, you are trying to make your home appealing to the broadest spectrum of buyers!  Anything you do to accomplish this will make your home sell faster, at a higher price, than similar properties on the market. 

My 5 Steps In Getting Your Home Sold

 In addition to my real estate service, I also include the Coldwell Banker Listing Services:  Lori listing rewards gold.pdf

     I will ...
          • prepare and give you a Market Analysis to help you price your home correctly.
          • prepare an estimated net proceeds from the transaction.
          • Complete and review the listing agreement with you.
          • Spend as much time needed together, we will walk through your home taking measurements, noting all amenities and upgrades, and I will give you staging recommendations so that it will be seen at its highest perceived value while competing in the marketplace.
          • provide a lockbox to allow other Realtors access to your property.
          • Order professional photography for still, virtual tour, & video photos of both the interior and exterior of your home.
          • pre-order title work, so when you are under contract the title work will be ready to go.

          I will ...
                • install the Coldwell Banker yard sign & sign riders.  Includes a “mobile text brochure”.   Click for Sample 
                • Submit your home in the Denver Metrolist with full and complete information, reaching thousands of Realtors every day, offering a co-op commission.
                • create 8 x 8 professionally printed color brochure for your home.  Click for sample:  127th 8x 8.pdf
                • hire a professional photographer to take photos , create both a virtual tour and video tour for your listing. 
                • order a “Property Portfolio” full of information on the neighborhood, schools, HOA, etc to be on site for buyers to review.
                • create a specific web site for your home (ie:  www.13006BirchDrive.com ), and this site will be used on all marketing materials.
                • Post your home on YouTube with a video tour    Click here for sample
                • create “Special Features” cards and place them throughout your home, noting items of interest or upgrades to stand out to prospective buyers.
               • provide your home with internet exposure to (includes virtual tour & Leadrouter system): Lori-V.com, Coldwellbanker.com, Realtor.com (Showcase Property), REColorado.com, trulia.com, zillow.com, and more
               • send out an “email blast” about your new listing to everyone on my list, with a link to your property website.
               • TV coverage on the Colorado Homes Real Estate Show – CW2
               • create and send out color “Just Listed” postcards or trifold envelopes to the immediate neighborhood and my mailing list.  Click for sample:   birch jl.pdf or ViaVarra silver envelope.pdf
               • hold your home open, as requested, which will include internet, email marketing, and strategic sign placement throughout the  neighborhood.
               • conduct a reverse prospect search through the MLS and call the agents to market your property
               • Network with other agents to motivate them to show and sell your property.  I constantly work to maintain a high rapport with the working agents in our area.
               • Review the benefits with you of a Coldwell Banker Home Protection plan.  A home warranty can go a long way for both the buyer and  yourself during the listing period. I will encourage you to investigate the benefits.
               • Tons of social media exposure! Twitter, Facebook (paid ads for your listing!), YouTube, My personal blog, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more!

     I will ...
          • Communicate! This is KEY! You will hear from me at least once per week, if not more often!
          • provide you with copies of marketing materials, MLS printouts, etc for your review.
          • set you up for email alerts, notifying you of your competition in the neighborhood and any price changes.
          • discuss the market with you on a monthly basis, so we can be sure you are priced accordingly.
          • Email all agents for feedback after showings and email blasts about any updates to the listing (ie: price reductions, offer received, etc.)
          • Provide you with feedback reports from the agent showings on a weekly basis
          • Be available when contacted, to present all offers that are written on your property.
          • Qualify all purchasers to the best of my ability.
          • Provide you with my list of service providers.
          • Keep current on market conditions so I can provide you with sound advice when considering an offer.

     I will …
          • Keep you informed on the progress of your sale from contract to closing.
          • Work hard to handle any situation that may arise with lenders, title companies, appraisers, underwriters, inspectors, buyers, and other agents during the time your property is under contract.
         • Be with you at closing. After all, we’ve worked hard to achieve this!
         • Be available during those post-closing days when you may have questions.
         • Follow-up with you after closing. This includes being on my exclusive mailing list, and not to mention an occasional phone call to see how things are going.

Step 5: My Follow-Up
     I will . . .
          • Be available during those post-closing days when you’ll be having questions and concerns.
          • Be following up on your transaction after you’ve moved on. This includes being on my exclusive mailing list, not to mention an occasional phone call just to see how it’s going.

Lori V.
 These are the Steps I will take for you to help you achieve your goals. When and only when you have received the proceeds from the sale of your home, do I receive payment for my services. I look forward to serving you.   Sell homes in Westminster 

Showing Advice



 It is difficult for an agent or a prospective buyer to deal with a ‘helpful’ seller who wants to make sure that nothing missed.  If the owners follow the Realtor through the house, listening to every word and elaborating on everything, it will be difficult for the buyers to envision the house as their own.

 Buyers go through a process that involves raising objections and working through them with the Realtor. If the owners are present, the buyers may feel inhibited, not wanting to offend them by criticizing their home.

 The owner may appear overly anxious to sell, sending unconscious signals that could influence the buyer to present a lower offer than they night have otherwise made.

 So, when you have the house ready to show, what should you do?

Take a walk or go for a drive!  We’ll take care of everything for you! 

Professional Listing Video

Be sure to view this sample of one of our marketing videos we use to market your listing and post to social media and the web for ultimate exposure to get your home sold!

Understand Your Home Wealth


Know Your Total Cash Out Power

With this incredible tool, you can get a monthly wealth snapshot of your home.  How much equity have you built, how each additional principal payment can effect your balance, when is a good time to refinance, if you were to rent your property how much income that might bring and how much purchasing power for a second home or trade up.